HighRiskTransport,Inc. is a transport company dedicated to escorting your most precious cargo: your patient, your family member, or any person who needs assistance to safely arrive at a treatment destination. We provide door to door service, from a patient’s home to treatment, from a detoxification facility to long term treatment, to wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, secure educational facilities.

We can facilitate interventions and accompany the patient from the intervention to the treatment destination. We also accompany the patient home after treatment is completed.
 Our staff is comprised of retired US Marshals and other Law Enforcement personel. All are trained in verbal de-escalation tactics, CPR and FIRST AID. We employ male and female agents and we carry very specific liability insurance which allows HighRiskTransport,Inc. to travel domestically as well as internationally with adolescents and adults.
Our staff also consists of a clinical team to meet the medical and emotional needs of the family when necessary. We have an MD who specializes in transport and addiction as well as Nurse Practitioner who can accompany and medicate if necessary, as well as a Clinical Social Worker for other needs of our clients.
We have agents who specialize in transporting adolescents and other agents who specialize in transporting adults.
HighRiskTransport,Inc., can handle your specialized overseas transports, to and from the Middle East, as well as Europe. We are very experienced in transporting the most discrete patients to the finest facilities Worldwide. We travel on commercial airlines as well as private aircraft. The patient’s anonymity is always respected by HighRiskTransport,Inc. Safety, security and confidentiality are our priorities.
When you have all the time in the world, or time is of the essence, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year, in a moments notice.
  3 Peaceable Street- South Salem, NY - 10590 PHONE:1-646-712-0734